www.batanikhalfani.com has Launched

For your Fall wardrobe shop, Batani-Khalfani. The limited edition wardrobe to step out and slay is here! Free Shipping on orders over $200!

IMG_4165-Edit (1).jpg
Ajaka Dress, order now on http://www.batanikhalfani.com
IMG_4273-Edit (1)
Loretta Dress, order now on http://www.batanikhalfani.com
IMG_4191-Edit (1).jpg
Imara Fringe Necklace, Order now on http://www.batanikhalfani.com
Ajaka Cape, order now on http://www.batanikhalfani.com


Shop Now!

Be Fly, Be Batani-Khalfani


One thought on “www.batanikhalfani.com has Launched

  1. Hello Batani,
    I can’t even tell you how beautiful your clothes are. They embody so much freedom, strength, sophistication and are sick classy dope….all at the same time!! I feel they describe and accentuate every attitude, mood and crevice of my soul and spirit. I hope you would seriously perfect and create sensuous body sprays and oils to accompany the fabulous clothes…..I am a recently graduated 18 year old aspiring singer and model and I would love to model your clothes. I would be willing to model for you in print, screen or fashion show just to be able to wear and rock your line!…..you can contact me direct on Instagram, Facebook or Email….
    Thank you Batani!
    Taylor Nunnery


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