Artist. Designer. Stylist. Dancer. Speaker. Host. Actress. Model.


Designer on Season 16 of Project Runway




Check out some of the commercials I’ve been featured in!



I specialize in hip hop, African Dance, Belly Dance and more! See some of my dancing in this Kenzo Commercial and Worldwide ad campaign I was featured in.





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It is my mission to be a flash point that sparks and inspires others to live beyond and live in their true calling. Allow me to engage your audience with a gracious presence, knowledge, experience and passion.

Topics Include:

Fashion Design, Fashion and Style, How to Start a Business, How to Network, Self Love, Living in Your Purpose, How to be Bold and Confident, Positive Affirmations, Health and Wellness, Mental Health.

I was recently featured at these two events:

Featured Speaker at Positive Women Meet Up

Featured Speaker at Our Place Children’s Event


Want me to style you for an event? Need a stylist for a music video or commerical? Want me to reorganize your closet? Need a personal shopper?  Email, ilovebatani@gmail.com



There is something to be said about a woman with a strong will and feminine grace. A woman with style, boldness and a confident smile upon her face. Batani-Khalfani is that woman.

Batani-Khalfani is a creative powerhouse; artist, designer, actor, dancer, model and the list goes on.

This self taught creative believes in using her art to bring meaning to the lives of others. Using her art as a tool for inspiration and motivation, Batani-Khalfani’s journey is one of impact, purpose and fulfillment…not just for herself but for the world.

Follow Batani-Khalfani on this journey as she connects, shifts, aligns and propels in style, her own style; edgy and unique, quirky and chic.

Are you ready?

I am Bold, I am Free, I am Batani!

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