Fall’s Favorite Accessory: The Imara Fringe Necklace


Fall is that time to cool down from the heat and bustle of summer and relax. While we are cooling down from summer, that doesn’t mean your outfits have to as well. Whether you’re dressed for work or for play, the Imara Fringe Necklace is the perfect addition to any outfit. It amps your look up to 1000. Check it out here, www.batanikhalfani.com.

Imara Fringe Necklace, www.batanikhalfani.com
Imara Fringe Necklace, www.batanikhalfani.com
Imara Fringe Necklace, http://www.batanikhalfani.com
Imara Fringe Necklace, http://www.batanikhalfani.com


Batani-Khalfani at Creative House

Batani-Khalfani will be releasing a limited collection on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 on her website www.batanikhalfani.com. In the collection we will see her signature African Prints. Take a look at one of the pieces that will be featured as modeled by Batani-Khalfani herself at the Creative House Art Gallery in Inglewood, CA. Special thanks to Rasta Asaru of Creative House Art Gallery and photographer, Tomeekha Pitre.

Ankara Trimmed Cape and Mesh Ankara Trimmed Dress, to pre-order email, designer@batanikhalfani.com
Artwork by Enkone of Bunchy Carter



Batani-Khalfani on Project Runway!

Los Angeles based designer, Batani-Khalfani will be a part of the cast of designers on Season 16 of Project Runway! Project Runway airs August 17, 2017 and 8pm on the Lifetime Network.
Batani-Khalfani is known for her contemporary Ankara designs as well as unique high fashion designs. To get in touch with Batani-Khalfani for appearances, interviews, seminars, etc., email, designer@batanikhalfani.com. To see some of Batani-Khalfani’s designs go to www.batanikhalfani.com or IG Batani-Khalfani.

To pull any designs for red carpet, magazines etc., email designer@batanikhalfani.com.

Photos by Jonte Campbell, IG: @lab_addikt

 Batani-Khalfani,  Destined to Rule!

IG: @batanikhalfani

FB: Batani-Khalfani