Batani-Khalfani Brings African Prints to Project Runway


Fashion Designer Batani-Khalfani, a contestant on this season of Project Runway has been rocking African prints proudly all over the screen on national television. For the past few weeks we have seen her in African print headwraps, accessories, jumpsuits and more and we had yet to see it on a model on the runway.
Well, on last night’s episode of Project Runway, full figured model Monique Robinson strutted down the catwalk in an fun and flirty ensemble fully adorned in an african print headwrap, off the shoulder top and mixed print denim skirt. It was something Batani-Khalfani had been wanting to do and her fans had been eager to see.
This week’s challenge on Project Runway was to bring streetwear to the runway and the model’s were the designer’s clients. Monique chose Batani because she loved Batani’s personal style. Monique told Batani that she wanted to be adorned in African prints and Batani made it happen and what a beautiful sight it was.
Batani-Khalfani designs for the woman who is bold and fearless. Batani-Khalfani believes the best thing a woman can wear is confidence and she sets out to have her designs make the wearer feel confidently beautiful and powerful in all ways. She is known for her African print designs as well as sexy and elegant couture. Batani-Khalfani is not only a designer but an artist, dancer, model and actor as well. She’s appeared in a worldwide campaign as a model and dancer for Kenzo Totem Parfum as well as ads for Mercdes, Toyota and Beats by Dre to name a few.
Her capsule collection is set to be released for purchase on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 on her eponymous website,
We have yet to see more of Batani’s style not only on Project Runway but on her soon to come YouTube channel where she will be giving tips on personal style and more.
You can find her on




From Beats by Dre to Kenzo to Project Runway!


In 2012 I made my first appearance on National TV in a Beats by Dre commercial as a dancer seen alongside LeBron James, Cam Newton, Lil Wayne, Machine Gun Kelly and others. I had been wanting to get my face on television for a while. I had just finished doing a couple of years of background work when I decided to start doing commercials. I joined LA Casting and submitted myself on various projects.

When people started calling me out of nowhere saying, “Hey I just saw you in a headphones commercial,” it was such a surreal feeling. I wanted more of that feeling.



About a year or so after doing my Beats by Dre commercial and getting an agent immediately after that, I got booked as a dancer on a campaign code named ‘Waack.’ Little did I know that this campaign would end up being a WORLDWIDE campaign running for two years for Kenzo Totem Parfum. It would be seen everywhere from Russia to Martinique, from South Africa to Paris. I was featured in the commercial and the two main billboards. I’d also meet 8 of the most talented amazing people that I’m thankful to know and we’d call ourselves K9, for Kenzo 9! People who traveled and saw the campaign kept sending me photos of myself in different countries. That was some cool stuff to have my face in places I hadn’t even been yet.


Now in 2017, I will be one of 16 designers competing on national television on Project Runway!


I notice how I always STAND OUT!

In each of these instances I let God take the reign. I just sit back and let it be. I’m thankful for all of the opportunities presented and enjoy them and I am always looking forward to the next. I do know however that I also co-create these opportunities with the Most High.

If I hadn’t been obedient in taking the action for what I wanted for myself, none of this would’ve happened. As Elie Goulding stated in the Beats by Dre Commercial, “Anything Can Happen!” So I’m making sure I make it happen for myself! Anything I want!

What’s next?!?

I’m eager to be obedient to that leap of action and see…and have accomplishments like these happen more than often and just inspire, impact and have fun along the way.

All Glory to the Most High


Destined to Rule!

Batani-Khalfani on Project Runway!

Los Angeles based designer, Batani-Khalfani will be a part of the cast of designers on Season 16 of Project Runway! Project Runway airs August 17, 2017 and 8pm on the Lifetime Network.
Batani-Khalfani is known for her contemporary Ankara designs as well as unique high fashion designs. To get in touch with Batani-Khalfani for appearances, interviews, seminars, etc., email, To see some of Batani-Khalfani’s designs go to or IG Batani-Khalfani.

To pull any designs for red carpet, magazines etc., email

Photos by Jonte Campbell, IG: @lab_addikt

 Batani-Khalfani,  Destined to Rule!

IG: @batanikhalfani

FB: Batani-Khalfani